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Our Story

A-Muse Décor is jointly owned by sisters Antonia Fernandez and Madeline Hamburg. Originally, the company was inspired by the sisters’ shared passion for entertaining.

Antonia Fernandez and Madeleine Hamburg

It was only a few years ago when Miami businesswoman Antonia Fernandez (the ‘A’ of A-Muse) was wracking her brain to come up with a particularly resonant theme for an important upcoming business event. The party needed to be both imaginative and stay on a budget. And it all fell into place when she partnered with her sister Madeleine – the team’s artistic Muse. 

Madeleine’s background in architecture and interior design gives her the innovative ability to transform everyday objects – the familiar, the used, the second hand, and the discarded – into the poetry of the whimsical, the imaginative, the beautiful, the alluring. And so the sisters teamed up to create what they remember as a perfect party. In fact, the party was such a success that the sisters determined to continue together in business as a specialty theme décor company. 

Even the name, A-Muse, perfectly describes Antonia’s and Madeleine’s unique yin/yang partnership. Today, A-muse Décor has evolved into an inviting warehouse bazaar where anyone can find uncommon, stylish furnishings, tableware, and accessories to fulfill their own personal entertainment vision. It is the A-Muse mission to transform the ordinary elements of the past into the unique decorative pieces of the present.

Our treasures


Set of elements that increase the beauty of the place. They have a decorative use mainly.

Bars & Bar Carts

Set of elements linked to the activities that are performed in a bar or have to do with drinks.

Cushions & Textiles

Set of cushions and rugs of different sizes, colors and styles. Wonderful on special occasions.


Set of elements used to shape the scene. They have an architectural use.


Set of furniture of different models and styles, suitable for every occasion.


Different tables of varied sizes, styles and materials. They provide elegance and majesty to the event.